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RaNdOm things in my life :)

and also pasta

wellllllllllll...where to start? i live in a small town (veeeeeery small) we have one stoplight, my town's craziness is over the top!! Sometimes i wish i lived someplace bigger(many times) but even though it annoys me that i have to drive for 15 minutes to go to walmart...i also love it. i love the connections, and knowing people since i was little, however it sometimes drives me crazy too! for instance when a giant jerk lives here and i have to deal with him for the rest of my high school career. but i like having to come up with things to do with your friends because you can't just go to the mall, or ya know whatever it is people do in big cities...
Speaking of my friends, i love them :). they are all amazing people. i don't know what i would do without my best friend(but i guess i'll have to figure it out since she's leaving me next year D:) my friends and I consider ourselves pretty abnormal but then again i think most people do... we love to hang out at my house and do childish things like play hide and seek (yes we're all teenagers :) but it's a CLASSIC!especially at night), swim, try and climb things...such as poles, trees, and walls, watch disney movies(once again we're all teens, when describing us i can't help but think we might sound a bit immature, and that very possibly is true:) but we do have some fun!), or maybe have epic fights(generally involving tickling)
I play basketball, and i'm not amazing but i'm okay, plus i work hard so i make up what i lack in talent :). which you know seeing as i'm not all that athletic....at ALL!...is probably good.
i love music...all kinds. i absolutely love piano and i have an astounding teacher. plus pretty much every attractive guy i know takes from her! how sweet is that?! is it weird that two of those attractive guys are some of my closest friends? possibly! but that doesn't change their spot on good looks. :) i also love band, i play clarinet. we have a legit band(which actually i'm not sure how we pulled it off) but we win awards allllllllllll the time and we are the best of the best :) this year was the first year i've sung(like in choir setting) and i love it. Coming from a musical background(minus my dad who i'm not sure could carry a tune if his life DEPENDED on it) it's not too hard for me to read music, but singing it is weird for me. But the kind of weird that makes you smile.
i love to read. i could spend days on end reading(and re-reading) books. I'm interesting in the way that i can read books over and over and i still LOVE them.i also occasionally write(very amateur :) but i think it's fun)someday i'd love to write books,the kind that i would read over and over for a living.